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Why everyone should eat more microgreens.

By March 25, 2019 May 16th, 2019 MicroFarm

Microgreens are nutrient -and flavor packed seedlings of full grown vegetables. They contain up to 30 times more vitamines than a mature plant. Top chefs around the world use them to infuse their dishes with pure and delicious flavours. You can have access to these tiny wonderplants too. Grow your own with MicroFarm.

So... Why did Mother build MicroFarm?

Mother is on mission to make the world more self-sufficient. We want to give power to the people by giving them tools to grow their own food, filter their own water, etc. We integrate industry proven technologies in our designs, tools for the home that make people’s lives more self-sufficient.

And who is behind the
Kickstarter Campaign?

We are an international network of entrepreneurs that come together to create impact.

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