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City life is expensive. Living spaces are getting smaller while the trend of minimalism is growing faster than ever in the shape of one-room-spaces which include a kitchen, desk, a tiny bathroom and a bed…



Exactly: something that brightens up your space.

Most city apartments lack a healthy dose of light, so if you plan on keeping a green roommate, it could be a hard job.

Luckily there’s Bloom: a beautifully designed grow light that will keep your plants alive and kicking. Whether you’re living in the city, on the countryside or in between, Bloom can be your first step towards self sufficiency.



People often forget how much plants depend on sunlight, and things get a little bit confusing when you’re looking for the perfect grow light. Different sizes, technologies and designs make it a hard job to choose which one you should pick.

You can’t get it wrong with our product: One of our rules is that we select the best materials in the market and make the highest quality choices, as every Mother product should last a lifetime. Our suppliers and partners often think we are crazy since we are such quality freaks, but that’s a risk we’re gladly willing to take ;).

The most important aspect is of course the light: to explain our product, we often tell people that Bloom brings the sun inside. Here is why: we wanted to create a light that could grow any plant indoors; varying from basil to tomatoes to decorative plants. After 4 years of intensive developing and testing we can proudly say that we are the only full spectrum grow light on the market that can grow any type of plant inside your home.



First things first. Bloom comes in two styles

– horizontal

– vertical

If you are looking for a lamp to grow plants in multiple smaller pots, you should consider buying the horizontal Bloom. She gives herbs and other greens the opportunity to grow towards the light. It’s a perfect lamp to put on a sideboard or table and can be used as a designer piece to light the room.

If you’re more into little trees (like citrus, banana’s,…) you should go for a vertical Bloom. Just put her on the floor next to your plant, it’s as easy as that!

!Announcement! A new variant of our product is in the making: we will be launching a mounted Bloom with sticky pads! You just stick it into your closet, no more screws needed. Couldn’t be easier! Check our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on this product.



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Microgreen Recipes

We collaborated with Stien Bovijn and Maël Robijns, kitchen and life artists, for this beautiful microgreens cookbook. Let yourself be surprised by these seemingly complex  but above all easy to prepare dishes.
50+ Recipes

NOTE: only available in Dutch


Kit A

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Pea – Daikon Radish – White Mustard – Cress – Rocket

Kit B

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 more exclusive varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Broccoli – Red Kohlrabi – Borecole Green Kale – Sango Radish – Green Mizuna



Place MicroFarm anywhere. The light will have the perfect distance for growing microgreens.


Perfect for growing and keeping herbs and vegetables. Use the tray to water your plants effortless.


Attach your MicroFarm to the wall and give your plants light in places that were not possible before.