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You want to brighten up your space with some lovely greens, something small, low in maintenance and unique. Then the roommate you are looking for is a succulent! 🙂

Succulents mainly grow in areas with long dry seasons, such as the Sahara. The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus or juice. These tiny survivors store a water supply in their leaves & stems to get through periods of drought.



Succulents are the perfect match for someone who doesn’t have green fingers. You do not have to water them often, pruning is not required and they are not vulnerable for pests.   

While succulents have the ability to survive in a period of drought, light is something they cannot live without! Succulents come in different kinds of colors and they need different parts of the light spectrum to develop those specific colors.

If you don’t have too much sun light, Bloom is the grow light you should be thinking of. Since Bloom is full spectrum light, your succulent will absorb the color temperatures that it desires, no matter which succulent you want to grow.  

Some basic rules to keep your succulent going:

  • Give your succulent once in a while a large amount of water. Rewater after 2 weeks, when the soil is completely dry.
  • Don’t be too excited with plant food, just a little bit once a month is more than enough.
  • Choose a container with a hole/ multiple holes in the bottom, so the water has the chance to escape and the roots of the plant will not start to rot.
  • Use ‘succulent soil’ for fast draining and aeration. 

Enjoy your time with your new roommate!


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