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You’re strolling on the internet looking for a new lamp. You want something special, but useful too… Well, keep reading!


Other than being an incredible grow light, Bloom is also a beautiful eyecatcher in your interior. You might be wondering if Bloom’s design could be too sleek or smooth for your interior. Don’t worry, our minimalistic lamp is designed to blend in. Even the messiest, tiny bathrooms or cosy bedrooms could be a scene for Bloom. These photos may convince you 😉

We chose for a modular design, which gives you a lot of possibilities. You can use the vertical composition to place it next to a small tree, or when you decide to grow herbs in your kitchen you can turn it into a horizontal tabletop version. As announced before, we will also be launching sticky pads, so it’ll even be possible to place it into a closet, onto the wall, ceiling, etc. Whether you are looking for a grow light in your kitchen, living room or workspace… Bloom is always an option  🙂



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