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It’s that time of the year again… As the first Christmas decorations are appearing, you have to decide what you want to give your employees as a present this year. 

You probably have already given them all the boring gift vouchers you could find, chocolates or family tickets to an amusement park. How about being creative this year and give them something they can enjoy in the long run & contributes to the good vibes at work?

Install a Bloom in your business’ kitchen as this years present!

The coffee or sigaret break- at 10 am or 3 pm is for most people a good moment to socialize with their colleagues. Usually the time to passively catch up on how everyone ’s weekend has been, what they are planning to do the next and hearing all about the latest gossip. Doesn’t give you much energy or good vibes right?

Instead of hanging around the coffee machine or smoking cigarettes why not involve your employees in a fun project? – Creating your own corporate garden!

Grow herbs to enjoy freshly made tea, microgreens to spice up your salad or sandwich, some little tomatoes for a snack during the break. There are so many options!

Corporate garding is a trend that originates from the US, with Google and Pepsico as early adopters. But now also major companies in Belgium are following this trend. You can find succesful projects at Engie, IBA, Air Ambiance and many more.

Still not convinced? Apart from the fact that it’s really fun to do it also reduces stress, provides a good atmosphere at work, involves employees in a project other than work and improves team spirit.

Worried about the difficulties? You do not have to be a farmer or invest in boots to  dabble in the mud. Buy some herbs or a tomato plant at the local shop, place them under/next to Bloom and water them regularly. Bloom will do the rest. Simple as that!

Purchase your Bloom before the 10th of December to get it there on time! www.mother.life/bloom

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