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You’re strolling through the store and checking out labels: one says ‘sustainable’, another claims to be ‘biological’. Are you convinced that these brands practice what they preach? Do you sometimes wonder: ‘How do I know for sure?’ To convince you of Bloom’s sustainability we like to be as transparent as possible. 



One of our 3 ‘Mother rules’ is that products should last a lifetime. Parts like the LED’s, which can last up to 8 – 10 years, should be easily interchangeable. (8 years is already quite crazy, you can read how we do this in the next paragraph!) How can you change it? We placed the LED’s on 1 board, so you can easily slide it out and replace it by a new LED board. You’ll be able to buy this through our webshop at purchase rate.

We really paid attention to every detail. That’s why we chose to use Torx screws in our design. Hereby the screws will not wear out after opening and closing the module a few times.



All of Bloom’s main parts are made out of aluminium. Apart from the fact that this is the most recyclable metal, the aluminium profile also makes sure that the LED’s are properly cooled. The temperature in the extrusion profile strongly affects the lifespan of the LED’s and the long-term quality of the light spectrum.

Other grow lights on the market are mostly made out of plastic which makes it difficult for the LED’s to cool. In a plastic housing the LED spectrum can deviate up to 50% in the first six month of lifetime. You might not see it with the human eye but no doubt that your plants will feel it.

We have developed our own LED board and can easily guarantee 80% of the original spectrum at 8 years.



Our products should not only work in the long run, they also should preserve their good looks. That’s why we chose the technique of anodisation instead of powder coating. This is much more expensive but as already said before we like to choose the quality option. 🙂 You can compare the technique of anodisation to a tattoo, where the (black) ink is firmly attached to the product. Whereas for powder coating, the paint can peel off after time (for example when placed in the sun). Furthermore, the anodisation layer is 15 micrometer, which is highly exceptional (a lot of suppliers thought we were exaggerating) but we want to make sure Bloom will stay black for the rest of your life (and beyond)!

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Microgreen Recipes

We collaborated with Stien Bovijn and Maël Robijns, kitchen and life artists, for this beautiful microgreens cookbook. Let yourself be surprised by these seemingly complex  but above all easy to prepare dishes.
50+ Recipes

NOTE: only available in Dutch


Kit A

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Pea – Daikon Radish – White Mustard – Cress – Rocket

Kit B

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 more exclusive varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Broccoli – Red Kohlrabi – Borecole Green Kale – Sango Radish – Green Mizuna



Place MicroFarm anywhere. The light will have the perfect distance for growing microgreens.


Perfect for growing and keeping herbs and vegetables. Use the tray to water your plants effortless.


Attach your MicroFarm to the wall and give your plants light in places that were not possible before.