Self-sufficiency tools for everyone.

Mother is a network, an incubator and accelerator for all self-sufficiency ideas. We help design and develop these into sustainable products, mass-produce them and market them globally.

It is astonishing how dependent we have become and how much we pay for basic necessities. We find it self-evident that we always have access to electricity, clean water and food. But what happens if suddenly, we do not have access to these products/services any more?


To meet our demands in the future, governments like to sell us the concept of the Universal Basic Income, yet such concepts will make us even more dependent. We want to give everyone on the planet access to basic necessities. If these basic needs are met, we will have more time to focus on the self-exploration and development of our talents. Self-sufficient living should be on top of everyone’s agenda.

To accomplish our mission, we follow 3 rules:


Only make products that make people more self-sufficient, instead of more dependent.


The products we design should easily last a life time. We pick the right materials and techniques that are suitable for long-lasting designs.



Democratise our prices as we grow. As we only launch high-quality and long-lasting products, we need to mass produce in order to lower our prices.

Join us in our quest.

No matter if you are a designer, marketeer, lawyer or technologist. We need talented people to join us in this mission. Do you want to launch your own company within the Mother network?


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