Light built to perform.

A grow light that stands out from the rest: full-spectrum light with a Color Rendering Index of 95+%, mimicking sunlight at its best. It is proven that typical blue/red grow lights don’t develop colours and taste. By using full-spectrum light you can grow any kind of plant in any stage of growth, developing their full potential. MicroFarm delivers outstanding performance, while consuming a minimum amount of energy.






Color Rendering Index


Volts DC


Blue light is proven to stimulate the growth of most plants.
Red light is proven to stimulate the flowering stage of most plants
A healthy dose of green light has its impact on the plants taste and overall health
Dangerous UV light is not emitted. Researchers are still figuring out if UV should be emitted or not and what the effects are. MicroFarm only emits UV in very low quantities and is safe for the human eye and skin.
Enough deep red and infrared is delivered to the plants to let Microfarms light feel like sunlight.


Flux: 24951m
Eff.: 86.371m/W
Fe: 8.733W
3914K (Duv: -0.0037)


80° Angle


24 Volt
1.2 Ampère
14 Watt


  • MicroFarm
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Diameter: 3,6 cm


  • Tray
  • 38cm x 20cm x 2cm

Designed for you. Designed for the planet.

A smart, optimized design. No unnecessary components. No waste.

A tool for life. Are your LEDs worn out after 8 years of intensive use? Keep growing with MicroFarm by replacing the worn out LED bar with a new one. Easy as that.

Torx screws ensure that you can (dis)assemble MicroFarm as much as you'd like.


A modular design. You can reuse MicroFarm forever in various settings.