Why launch MicroFarm through crowdfunding?

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1. To reach a global market with our Mother mission.

We want high-quality self-sufficiency tools for everyone. A crowdfunding campaign helps us give more visibility worldwide.

2. To disrupt the seed market.

Make seeds available to everyone at 1/10 of the price today. Through crowdfunding we can buy seeds in bulk and sell them to anyone at nearly cost price. This means harvesting yourself with MicroFarm will be cheaper than buying veggies in the grocery store.

3. To set up mass production and global shipping logistics.

Crowdfunding gives us the ability to invest in moulds and international partnerships that enable us to offer our products at lower prices worldwide.

Why Kickstarter.com?

Kickstarter.com is a reward-based online crowdfunding platform. This means that people can support us by buying MicroFarm at a cheaper price than when finally in the stores (in our case 40-50%). Backers will get their products shipped by October 2019.