MicroFarm soon on Kickstarter!

We are launching our new product MicroFarm on Kickstarter on the 10th of May 2019. Become an early bird and get up to 50% on the final retail price.

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MicroFarm soon on Kickstarter!

We are launching our new product MicroFarm on Kickstarter on the 11th of May 2019. Become an early bird and get up to 50% the final retail price.

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Uh, wait! ... Kickstarter?

Kickstarter.com is a reward-based crowdfunding platform. This means that people can support us by buying MicroFarm. Backers will be rewarded by receiving an exceptionally large discount on their purchase. When our funding goal has been reached, we can start our mass-production and ship MicroFarm worldwide.

Microgreens. The most healthy food you've ever eaten.

MicroFarm is designed for growing microgreens. Microgreens are the seedlings of leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs. They have an exceptionally high concentration of vitamins, up to 30 times more than a full-grown plant and are therefor considered a super-food. Thanks to MicroFarm, very easy to grow; the seeds germinate in the first days,  after 7 days you can already harvest.

Weekly harvesting

Do you like to be conscious about what you are eating? The best way to know what you are consuming is to grow your food yourself. With MicroFarm you can consume your favorite greens with peace of mind, you know were they were and what happened to them the entire time.

Pure Flavour.

The magical power of microgreens is yet to be discovered by the big public. Top Chefs have been using them on their dishes for many years as they add a rich touch of flavor and color to any dish. Since it is budget friendly to grow your microgreens with MicroFarm, you can now make entire salads and dishes of these magical wonders!

600% More Nutritions.

MicroFarm fits into a healthy lifestyle. Since you can harvest every 7 days, you can produce a daily supply of these super healthy greens for you and your family. Make gazpacho's, sporty salads or even sorbets and infuse your lives with a strong dose of vitamins!


How local can local be? Reduce food-transport, reduce food packaging, reduce waste. MicroFarm is designed to use a lifetime. If the LED's wear out after 8 years you can easily slide in a new LED board! We don't use glue and we don't use paint. The entire product is made from aluminum, the best recyclable metal out there.

Kickstarter MicroFarm

Why you will love MicroFarm.

Start harvesting your own microgreens every week, tiny plants that are used in top-cuisines for their incredible flavors with a nutrition level that is 600% higher than the vegetables you buy in the supermarket. MicroFarm provides you with the right amount of light and water in order for you to grow the perfect microgreens.

Benefits of MicroFarm

Harvest any season.

Sprinkle the seeds on the hemp mat. After they have sprouted, turn on Bloom to give them a healthy dose of light. You will see them growing day by day. After 7-10 days your Microgreens are ready to harvest.

Everyone can do it!

MicroFarm has an exceptional smart design. Because of our plug & play concept, you can easily install MicroFarm and start growing.

A product for life.

If we say that we make products for life, we mean it quite litteraly. We use only the highest quality materials and the best techniques. The ledbar will provide high quality light for over 8 years. After that you can easily buy a new ledbar, slide it in your Bloom's profile and you can grow again for the upcoming 8 years.

Back Us On Kickstarter

Only the first 100 Backers get to buy MicroFarm at the price of €89. Subscribe yourself to our early-bird email-list and we will make sure you get our special €89 promotion. This is 40-50% off the final retail price! MicroFarms will be delivered in October 2019.

MicroFarm binnenkort op Kickstarter!

Op 11 mei 2019 lanceren we ons nieuwe product MicroFarm op Kickstarter. Word een Early-Bird en ontvang tot 50% van de uiteindelijke verkoopprijs.

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