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Imagine that you  have a magical wall in your home, one that grows fresh food and filters the water in your home, cyclically everyday, for the rest of your life.  Set to change the way we live into a more decentralised model, Mother – an international entrepreneurial network with Belgian roots – utilizes Fusion 360 to design products for self-sufficiency that last a lifetime.

“In a hyperconnected society, people’s wealth and access to basic necessities is dependent upon several uncontrollable and unpredictable factors.” Through the creation of an ecosystem of self-sufficiency products, it is Mother’s ambition to establish fully self-sufficient spaces and houses, in order to limit this uncertainty and dependability.  

Mother products integrate industry proven technology to create innovative, durable and user-friendly designs. Their first product is a full-spectrum LED grow-light technology that allows farmers to grow all kinds of plants, in any stage of growth, with minimal energy consumption.

After shipping their professional LED grow-lights to indoor farms across Europe last year, Mother was inspired to develop their next product, MicroFarm. Designed using Autodesk’s  Fusion 360 software, MicroFarm is a smaller-scale indoor grow-light technology, readily available to any and all end- consumers. The design is modular and made out of sustainable and high-quality materials.

The company recently announced a partnership with Van Hoecke , a top player in the furniture industry of the Benelux. Expect to see their systems integrated in kitchens and other furniture by 2020.

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Microgreen Recipes

We collaborated with Stien Bovijn and Maël Robijns, kitchen and life artists, for this beautiful microgreens cookbook. Let yourself be surprised by these seemingly complex  but above all easy to prepare dishes.
50+ Recipes

NOTE: only available in Dutch


Kit A

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Pea – Daikon Radish – White Mustard – Cress – Rocket

Kit B

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 more exclusive varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Broccoli – Red Kohlrabi – Borecole Green Kale – Sango Radish – Green Mizuna



Place MicroFarm anywhere. The light will have the perfect distance for growing microgreens.


Perfect for growing and keeping herbs and vegetables. Use the tray to water your plants effortless.


Attach your MicroFarm to the wall and give your plants light in places that were not possible before.