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Start your harvest with premium seeds and support fair seed pricing.


Great harvests start with great seeds.

A seed symbolizes the beginning of new life. It contains all nutrients a plant needs to grow to develop to a microgreen. Get to know the superfood of the future.


Germination Success

4 out of 5 of our seeds germinate, which is a high rate when compared to other germination percentages. We tested many different seeds from over Europe to find the best seeds we can offer you.


High Germination Performance

Thanks to our manual testing routine, we can offer you seeds with higher germination performances. The seeds germinate equally, have the same growth pace and need the same amount of water. This makes growing so much more easy and fun.

2 years

Germination Guarantee

The hermetically sealed seed bags protect the seeds to preserve their high germination capacity. The seeds easily reach a shelf life of 2 years. Store under cool and dry conditions away from direct sunlight for highest germination succes.

Read how we source our seeds.

The SeedSupply seeds are purchased directly from various European seed growers. We only accept the best quality. All seeds are extensively tested for germination, fungi and growth development.

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Quality Control

The seeds that we offer are subjected to a thorough quality control process, performed by our suppliers and by ourselves. Only if the seeds meet to our high standards, we ship them to you.



The seeds that we offer in SeedSupply are grown and harvested in Europe and are free from genetic manipulation. They are organically optimised through selection and eliminiation for best performance.


Certified Distributor

Our seeds come from a certified European distributor, specialized in growing seeds for microgreens. The seeds are mostly destined for professional and private use.

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