Grow light for the professional home grower.


Compact. Effective. 
Extremely modular.
PS16 was designed to keep smaller houseplants healthy with a full-spectrum, sunlight mimicking grow light. Perfect to maintain and grow your cacti, succulents, cuttings, tropical plants, herbs, microgreens, or even terarria.

Full-spectrum, just like sunlight.

PlantSpectrum covers all wavelengths that contribute to the photosynthesis of plants.

92%Photosynthetic Active Radiation.

Photosynthesis efficiency at its best.

PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) is the range of wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers that directly contributes to plant growth and development.

With a PAR over 92%, this light is made to boost any type of plant’s growth.

96Color Rendering Index

Develop and observe true leaf color.

CRI (Color Rendering Index) determines how well colors are rendered just like in natural sunlight. High-CRI spectra contribute directly to higher PAR and a more diverse spectrum wich results in better taste and color development.


Cool. Cooler. Coolest.

Sustainable lighting design is all about smart and effective cooling in a passive way. The methods and materials we chose stand apart from other manufacturers and that is why we give a unique in the market 4 year guarantee on the LED board.

2mmMetal-Core PCB

Metal Core PCB for direct LED-chip cooling

Heat is directly transferred away from the LED-chips through the thick metal core PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This PCB slides into our aluminum extrusion profile to further dissipate the heat away from the LED chips.

Up tox26Cooling Surface Area per chip

Cooling Surface Reinvented.

We designed an extrusion profile that increases the cooling area up to 26 times. The profile is open and constantly transfers the heat away from the PCB board resulting in optimal cooling efficiency.


Designed to last forever.

After 8 years of intensive use, the LED board can be replaced without having to throw away the light module. Once you are registered as a customer you can update your PlantSpectrum forever at a fraction of the cost.

High-quality anodised aluminum.

The aluminum body ensures that the LED chips are cooled properly. By doing so, their spectrum remains stable throughout their entire lifespan. All parts are made corrosion and wear resistant thanks to the thick anodisation layer.


Anodised with the thickest layer possible for a maximum life span.


Recycled aluminum.

Finishing touch everywhere. More than a light module we created a light system. Easily mount PlantSpectrum16 into a rack or place it vertical near your plants.

The redesigned compact standing disc makes it possible to place PlantSpectrum anywhere, even on a windowsill.