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Full-spectrum growlights that last forever.

Collaborating with universities and biologists, we designed a plant light with outstanding performances. A light that mimicks the sun’s spectrum while consuming a minimum of energy with the ability to last a lifetime. Easily replace the LED-board, enjoy a growlight that lasts forever.

16 Watt, 40cm tall light module for home use.
From €89
32W high-performance and waterproof grow light module for professionals.
From €189
IP65 Kit
IP65 Kit
5x PlantSpectrum32 with splash-proof IP65 driver and connector kit.
From €689
Experience the difference

PlantSpectrum Series

A light recipe for all plants in all stages.

Since LED technology breakthrough, farmers have been served with special light spectrum mixtures to grow specific crops. By choosing to develop a light recipe that is closest to the natural sunlight we did not focus in most grams harvest for a specific crop, yet wanted a more holistic approach and develop a light spectrum for all plants, in all stages, that would not only result in more grams harvest but better taste and color development too.
A grow light that lasts forever.

A grow light that lasts forever.

As we are a mission driven company, we seek sustainable solutions in the development of new product ideas. Doing so, we made PlantSpectrum the most durable and longest lasting light module ever. LED chips have a lifetime of 50.000 light hours. We designed a light module where only the LED chips should be replaced, by sliding in a new LED board that is available to our customers at a fraction of the cost. Doing so, PlantSpectrum will give you the highest return on investment.

Super modularity. Grow anywhere.

A single light module ment to be used by all its user groups from home hobbyists to professional large indoor farms, demands a super-modular approach when it comes to system design. While focussing on professional use, we still succeeded in what we believe is a growlight system that can totally blend in with a home environment, without making any compromises. Find all types of mounts that are compatible with PlantSpectrum series in our webshop.


IP65 Kit
CRI 95+
PAR 92%
Total Power
DLI at 10cm/16h
Anodised Aluminium
5x 80cm
Splash, water and dust proof
IP65 Light Module
IP65 Cable connectors
Not Applicable
Not included
Power supply
Wall adapter
Wall adapter
IP65 150W EU Driver
Included mounts
Rack mounts
Standing mounts
Replaceable LED board
From €89
From €189
From €689
Did you know?

Plant light is measured in PPFD or DLI.

Strength of light is typically measured in Lux. Yellow light is more sensitive to the human eye, so the more yellow light, the more Lux.

However for plants this is almost the opposite. Plants are more sensitive to red and blue. Therefor, they can not be measured in Lux. Light strength for plants is measured in PPFD, Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. Or simply said, the density of the light flow that results in photosynthesis.

Therefore the output of grow lights should be measured in PPFD, while Lux only indicates the strength of the grow light to the human eye.

DLI stands for Daily Light Integral, and indicates the total amount of energy the plant needs on an average day. This depends on the total amount of hours of light you give to the plant, the distance the light source is placed from the plant and the strength (PPFD) of the light source. You can find more info for specific plants and how to light them in our plant database.