Let any space breathe nature. Harvest your own food automagically. Fresher and cheaper*

*Harvest a mature PakChoi at only €0.25


Boldly harvest your own food

100% pure and with the highest freshness

Effortless and without knowledge

Cheaper then in your grocery store

Make an impact like never before

How does it work?

Cracking the indoor farming code.

Vertical agricultural systems are on the rise. They eliminate the usage of pesticides and water wastage in farming, but their produce remains expensive. With HomeForest, we are making a change.

We have mapped all expenses, from system investments to running costs, and reduced the cost of indoor farming to an all-time-low record.

  • tick

    Eliminate packaging & transportation

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    Max. 1 minute work per harvest

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    Reuse your home’s heat and light

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    Only add ultra-efficient plant light

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    Eliminate all soil or substrate

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    Most space saving design

Above percentages indicate on average where we believe the most potential is for cutting the cost of storebought greens. We used these estimations to design the optimal indoor farming method. Our result? A system that enables to harvest pure and fresh produce at home, free from pesticides, food miles or waste and cheaper than vegetables bought at the grocery store.

All-in-one vertical garden solution.

HomeForest brings nature inside your home, effortless and without boundaries. Grow any type of plant hydroponically with HomeForest’s integrated plantlight and plant pods.



Water, sow, eat, repeat.


Fill up with water once.

Fill MicroPod with water until you reach the indicated level. The pod’s volume is perfect to grow any plant to the microgreen stage.


Just sow. All seed types.

MicroGrid is the first 3D structured Grid in the market. Sprinkle any type of seeds on the grid and watch the magic happen. Your harvest is ready within 7-12 days.


Harvest and repeat.

No soil, hemp or any other dirty fibers or cloth. MicroGrid is reusable over and over. Thanks to its easy to clean design the roots easily slide out after harvesting.

Patented Technology. No more substrates, no more black-out periods for germination and watering is only needed once per harvest. MicroGrid is a piece of state of the art technology that turns germination or growing microgreens into a magical process.

Get your plants to the next growing stage.

Week 1

Harvest as microgreens or...

Week 2

Transfer to HydroPod

Week 4

Harvest as babyleaf or ...

Week 8

Harvest as mature plant



Easily grow any plant hassle and dirt-free.

No more soil or dirt. No substrate to be seen. HydroPod grows your plants in only air and nutrientwater. Fill-up your HydroPod at start and enjoy one month growing without refill.



Start from a microgreen, a rooted plant (like grocery store bought herbs) or take a cutting from your favorite plant and plug them into Hydropod. Optionally repot tall plants like bell peppers outdoors after growing in HydroPod.

Sounds a bit too ‘hydro’ for you? No worries, you can also use HydroPods just like a regular flower pot and become a hydronaut whenever you feel ready ;)

Harvest wherever you are.

Take your plantpods to the kitchen, harvest at the table or take them to the neighbours.


Get the sun inside.

We used our LED expertise to eliminated excessive housing and changed the inter-chip distance to find the perfect balance between efficiency and accessibility. PlantSpectrum5 consist of a combination of colors that results in the ultimate light recipe for growth, taste and color development.

92% PAR
Effective Plant Light

Photosynthetic Active Radiation.

PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) is the range of wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers that directly contributes to plant growth and development. With a PAR over 92%, this light is made to boost any type of plant’s growth.
True Color Rendering

Color Rendering Index.

CRI (Color Rendering Index) determines how well colors are rendered just like in real sunlight. High-CRI spectra contribute directly to higher PAR and a more diverse spectrum that enables better taste and color development from the plant itself.

Research driven full-spectrum light recipe.

Collaborating with European universities, biologists and chipmakers, we designed a plant light with outstanding overall performances, delivering high PAR effectiveness within a spectrum that develops true color and taste.


Forest System

Robust modularity

Construct your indoor forest infinitely, according to your spaces’ needs. A robust and strong yet lightweight design ensures the safety of your system.

Plug & Play

A set of modular components that allows you to build real-life structures and can be reassembled endlessly, just like Knexx or Lego blocks.

Integrated Power

HomeForest bars have 4 channels to hide and connect power cables. Easily connect, replace or rearrange components.

Infinity Promise

Made from the most durable materials and a warranty of 4 years, enjoy your HomeForest system forever and easily replace components
Our connector components are precision manufactured to last a lifetime.
High-quality anodised aluminum.

To guarantee secure constructing with our Forest system, we chose for this very strong yet light material. This results in a system that could be transported in a backpack, yet is able to build an entire vertical garden setup. All parts are made corrosion and wear resistant thanks to the thick anodisation layer. No glue nor paint is used in the entire system.


Anodised with the thickest layer possible for a maximum life span.


Recycled aluminum.


Paint or glue used.

Choose your own setup.

HomeForest is sold as a kit that can be installed in multiple different setups according to your needs.


Place your HomeForest anywhere. Use 1 channel to position your pods.

  • + Position anywhere
  • + Most compact

40cm * 30cm * 95cm

Needed for this setup:

1 HomeForest Kit

“Fixed to Wall”

Our preferred mounting setup lets you use all 4 channels to position your pods. Single point fix against any wall.

  • + Blends in perfectly
  • + Grow a large amount of plants

50cm * 50cm * 140cm

Needed for this setup:

1 HomeForest Kit


Use 2 channels to position pods, fix your HomeForest floating to any wall.

  • + Most space saving
  • + Grow your tallest plants

50cm * 30cm * 160cm

Needed for this setup:

1 HomeForest Kit

Arrange according to your own flavor.

What plants would you like to see evolve?

Build epic structures.

Architect your own forest by simply buying multiple HomeForest kits. Ideal for restaurants, events or offices.