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We all want to earn money to spend it on something we love: we love to go out with friends and have dinner, we love to make trips and discover unknown places. And on sundays we buy fresh ingredients to cook for the whole week. These are a few of our favorite things to spend money on. If it comes to interior pieces, lighting for example, spending money can seem a little unuseful. We introduce you Bloom, the budget friendly grow light. 


Well, we made a little list of reasons why Bloom is not too expensive 🙂


#1: Bloom saves your herbs

‘Help! My herbs die!’ Well, grocery store plants and herbs are produced to only last one or two weeks. They start looking sad after a few days already. The plants are actually too young to grow only with the light they get indoors, so a grow light like Bloom is the perfect remedy. And let that be the first reason why Bloom is worth the money!


#2: Bloom is sustainable

Yup, Bloom is a sustainable product! If you wanna read more about it, go to our previous blog post 


#3: Grow anything with Bloom

Banana plants, rosemary, zucchini, watercress, tomatoes, fennel, aloe vera, lavender, dill, lemons, strawberries, capsicum, orchids, succulents, basil, radish, onions, garlic, ginger, ivy, … and so on and so on. Just a little list to give you an idea 😉


#4: Bloom is a sturdy roommate

Because Bloom is made out of sustainable products such as aluminium, it is not going to break or fall apart within the first weeks, months or years. After assembling Bloom correctly it’s gonna be a lamp ‘to lean on’ 😀


#5: Actually it is not so expensive

If you’re looking for an eye catcher to light up your interior, it is easy to spend loads of money on a thing that is just bringing you some light. Bloom is a friendly budget grow light compared to other designer lamps. And the fact that Bloom is keeping your plants healthy is a benefit you can not find in the category of design lighting.


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Microgreen Recipes

We collaborated with Stien Bovijn and Maël Robijns, kitchen and life artists, for this beautiful microgreens cookbook. Let yourself be surprised by these seemingly complex  but above all easy to prepare dishes.
50+ Recipes

NOTE: only available in Dutch


Kit A

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Pea – Daikon Radish – White Mustard – Cress – Rocket

Kit B

Harvest every week one tray during an entire year!
This kit includes 0,5kg of seeds with 5 more exclusive varieties of 100grams each.

Varieties included:
Broccoli – Red Kohlrabi – Borecole Green Kale – Sango Radish – Green Mizuna



Place MicroFarm anywhere. The light will have the perfect distance for growing microgreens.


Perfect for growing and keeping herbs and vegetables. Use the tray to water your plants effortless.


Attach your MicroFarm to the wall and give your plants light in places that were not possible before.