A world of difference.

Light built to perform.

Bloom delivers outstanding performances, while consuming a minimum of energy. In our quest to find the best light spectrum for plants, we researched, tested, consulted universities. As a result, we came up with a unique light recipe that mimics the natural sunlight. After all, which plant isn’t happy under the sun?






Color Rendering Index


Volts DC


Blue light is proven to stimulate the growth of most plants.
Red light is proven to stimulate the flowering stage of most plants
A healthy dose of green light has its impact on the plants taste and overall health
Dangerous UV light is not emitted. Researchers are still figuring out if UV should be emitted or not and what the effects are. Bloom only emits UV in very low quantities and is safe for the human eye and skin.
Enough deep red and infrared is delivered to the plants to let Blooms light feel like sunlight.


Flux: 24951m
Eff.: 86.371m/W
Fe: 8.733W
3914K (Duv: -0.0037)


80° Angle


24 Volt
1.2 Ampère
32 Watt

Modular design.

Bloom is optimally adaptable to your needs. The Tabletop model is the ultimate tool for starting your kitchen garden, growing succulents and smaller plants. The Standing Bloom is with his height, designed to grow large house plants. Thanks to Bloom's smart design you can change its setup by using different accessories.


Tabletop Bloom
Height: 55 cm
Length: 78 cm
Width Feet: 12,5 cm
Standing Bloom
Height: 78 cm
Diameter Disk: 12,5 cm

High-quality anodised aluminium

Aesthetic and functional.  We did not solely choose the aluminum housing for its good looks. The profile ensures that the LED’s inside are cooled properly and their spectrum remains stable throughout the entire lifespan. Not visible to the naked eye, but in the growth of your plants. The first sustainable solution of its kind.


We anodise Bloom parts with the thickest layer possible for a maximum life span.


Bloom is made entirely of recycled aluminum, extruded at a zero-emission plant in Belgium.

Designed for you. Designed for the planet.

A smart design, optimized to the maximum. No unnecessary components. No waste.

100% recycled aluminium with 60%-80% less CO2 emission during production. The entire product is made out of aluminum which is the best recyclable material in the world.

A tool for life. Are your LED's weared out after 8 years of intensive use? Repair Bloom easily by changing the LED bar with a new one. Easy as that.

Torx screws ensure that you can (dis)assemble Bloom as much as you'd like.


A modular design. You can reuse Bloom forever in various settings.

Standing Bloom

Blend-in in any interior.


Tabletop Bloom

Fits any table or countertop.