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Llanos, better know as ‘chicadelasplantas’:

“Both at work or home I love to be surrounded by nature.
I sell plants and place large vertical green walls in the area around Valencia, Spain. My mission is to bring more green in people’s lifes. If I could, I would fill my appartment up with plants of any kind both for decoration as for producing my own herbs or vegetables. I fell in love with Bloom as it finally makes me able to grow any kind of plant indoor. ”

Llanos is a true plant lover and lives near Alicante. Sure take a visit at her Instagram account.




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SeedSupply Kit​

1 kg zaden met 10 variëteiten van 100 gram per stuk. Oogst twee MicroFarm schalen per week gedurende een heel jaar!



Place MicroFarm anywhere. The light will have the perfect distance for growing microgreens.


Perfect for growing and keeping herbs and vegetables. Use the tray to water your plants effortless.


Attach your MicroFarm to the wall and give your plants light in places that were not possible before.