Every grow light contributes to plant growth, but how can it contribute the best and last the longest?

Bloom is a grow light designed to grow any kind of plant in any kind of stage of growth. Our secret sauce? Through understanding plants, humans and lighting. Sad enough, most products are designed for minimal cost instead of maximal lifetime. We are here to change that.
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Sun Light

Artificial light might look like the sunlight, but it doesn’t come anywhere near it. Through millenia plants have become very adapted to the sun’s light and that’s exactly why our grow light is so good for them. Grow any plant right next to you, for the rest of your life. Oh and yes: we are the first company offering a true full-spectrum grow light.

Modular design

You can use different mounts for Bloom. You can hang Bloom above a table or shelf, position it as a standing pillar or use table-top mounts to position it anywhere. Oh and yes, we also have wall and ceiling fixtures. Weither you are an architect or not, ‘I don’t know where to put him’ can never be an excuse.

Easy Installation

Plug and play Bloom in 5 minutes. Bloom comes with a switch so no fancy complicated stuff to expect here. If you want to switch mounts, you can do that easily by unscrewing 2 bolts with an included Inbus key.

Lasts a Lifetime

As Bloom is a product by Mother, it is designed to last a lifetime. uhm wait, what? Exactly. We don’t like to use plastic like many companies do. We don’t use glue but bolts. We don’t spray paint our products but anodize them with the thickest finishing layer possible. So what about the leds? Keep reading. 🙂

one with nature

That too. No chrome plating, no glueing. As for metal we use aluminum, the best recyclable material existing on earth. Therefor we actually prefer to use it for most of our parts. It’s light for transport and it stays infinitely reusable.

Quick Revive

So what if the leds start losing their power after the estimated 8 years life-time? Well, you revive your Bloom buy buying a new led board that slides right into your  Bloom grow light. How about after having updates for software we start with true updates for products too ?

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