Get the sun inside.

Bloom is indispensable when growing & maintaining plants indoors. Give your houseplants a boost of light or start your own kitchen garden. Bloom makes every plant happy, in any stage of growth.

Highest yields.
Lowest consumption.

The break-through in LED technology has made it possible for people to start growing economically indoors. Bloom gives results with impact, except on your consumption.


Bring nature inside.

Keep your plants.

Plants have no expiry date under Bloom. With the right amount of water, light and care you can grow your plants and their cuttings endlessly. Nurture your babies with a Tabletop model and encourage them when bigger with a Standing Bloom. Enjoy your urban jungle.

For professional farming.

Bloom’s full spectrum technology is loved by professional growers. It is the best solution for your plants to fully develop their color and taste palette. Other than your plants, it is also the best solution for you. It is much more pleasant to cultivate under full spectrum light compared to purple lightening. Plus, it allows you to easily see the health status of your plants, at any time.

All year round.

No snow or heat wave can stop you, with Bloom you can grow and harvest 365 days. Through indoor farming you can create the best environment for your plants. Become a farmer, the easy way.

Fresh, healthy & responsible

Do you want to be more conscious about the food you consume? Bloom allows you to grow your own vegetables & herbs. No more wondering what pesticides where used on the food on your plate or which far country your food originates from. Know what you eat. No pesticides. Shorten the chain.

Discover Bloom's
Design Details

Standing Bloom

Blend-in in any interior.


Tabletop Bloom

Fits any table or countertop.