A world of difference.

Light built to perform.

A grow light that stands out from the rest: full-spectrum light with a Color Rendering Index of 95+%, mimicking sunlight at its best. It is proven that typical blue/red grow lights don’t develop colours and taste. By using full-spectrum light you can grow any kind of plant in any stage of growth, developing their full potential. Bloom delivers outstanding performance, while consuming a minimum amount of energy.






Color Rendering Index


Volts DC

We did not solely choose the aluminum housing for its good looks. The profile ensures that the LEDs are cooled properly and their spectrum remains stable throughout their entire lifespan. Not visible to the naked eye, but in the growth of your plants. The first sustainable solution of its kind.

For professional farming.

Our full spectrum technology is loved by professional growers. It is the best solution for your plants to fully develop their color and taste palette. Full-spectrum light allows you to easily see the health status of your plants, at any time.


Standing Bloom

Blend-in in any interior.


Tabletop Bloom

Fits any table or countertop.


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