Bloom, A  full-spectrum grow light, designed to last.


Since Bloom mimics the natural sunlight, so you can grow any type of plant indoor with this grow light – herbs, vegetables and decorative plants, even from seed. Above all, we are selling both to indoor farms as to salad bars as users who would like to grow their own plants at home or are occupied with plant care.

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Anodised Finish

Bloom enjoys a fully anodised finish with a 15 micrometer layer, which means no scratches no paint peeling off after 10 years!

Full Spectrum Light

A full spectrum LED strip that mimics the sunlight. You can grow any type of plant under Bloom

2500 Lumens, only 40 Watts

Bloom only consumes a little bit more than a regular light bulb, yet its a serious grow light module.

Aluminum Body

The aluminum body makes sure that your LED’s will be cooled properly, which increases the lifespan and contributes to the stability of the LED spectrum. Length: 78 cm

Are your plants dying too?


Or, perhaps, need a great plant-growing gift for december? 🎁

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Rule #1
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Rule #2
The products we design should easily last a life time. We pick the right materials and techniques that are suitable for long-lasting designs.

Rule #3
Democratise our prices as we grow. As we only launch high-quality and long-lasting products, we need to mass produce in order to lower our prices. And hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 🙂

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